How casinos work with live merchants

Live Dealer Casino (or Live Casino) is an online gaming platform that combines the advantages of online gaming and to traditional land-based establishments. From the first live casino Cambodia, they took the convenience of the game anytime and anywhere and from the second – the opportunity to play with real gamers in an atmosphere as close to real as possible.

Everything is very simple: a professional caretaker hired by a gaming service provider from a specialized studio or gallery of a real casino, and the player monitors the broadcast, betting and communication with Secure via computer or Mobile devices.

Meanwhile, the entire financial part of the game (acceptance of bets and winnings) is automated and managed by software, not by a dealer who separates the from the based casino.

Technology and Broadcasting

Live casinos have no other modern complexities regarding technical implementation. The studio has a gaming table and equipment, as well as several cameras. The presence of multiple cameras is important because many games require shooting from different angles (for example, when playing roulette, one camera takes a general plan with a squirrel and the other catches the roulette wheel, and some offer different angles of the wheel). During rotation).

Thanks to the technology of optical character recognition, translations are transformed into data elements in electronic format and available to users in the form of short links. At the same time the data is stored locally or in the cloud and replenishes the video archive as well.

The game controller is attached to each desk in the studio thanks to the built-in scanner or sensor that translates the information about the cards played or won a combination into digital format for subsequent processing by the program. And display the results in the interface. That is, the player not only sees his win saying “Red 12” on TV, but also receives notifications from the program about whether his bet has been played (plus the amount). Of wins is automatically calculated).

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