Benefits of Live Poker

Online poker players are legally in a kind of grey area. Strictly speaking, due to the state gaming monopoly, which is still in force, they are not allowed to play for real money on the Internet. Legally, you are completely on the safe side only in the casinos, even if there are no known lawsuits against online players. Only in the state casinos do you have to worry about your money and, in case of doubt, you can also legally register for profit claims. Nevertheless, EU laws allow foreign providers to offer their games as long as they have a license in a European country.

In a casino there is of course a very special atmosphere and a unique flair. Contact with the dealer and fellow players in live poker is not comparable to playing at the online tables. At the same time, casinos are a contact exchange where you can meet new people and make contacts.


In terms of technology, live poker also has the advantage of being safer in various areas. Here you don’t have to worry about whether the random number generator is working correctly or whether hackers gain advantages through “multi-accounting”, “collusion”, “hacking” or “poker bots”. The providers on the net do their best to prevent such attempts at fraud, but there are always hackers and computer experts who try to bypass the security precautions of the providers.

The tells

Contrary to popular belief, there are also tells in online poker, i.e. telltale signs or behaviors of a player that allow conclusions to be drawn about his style of play or hand. But in live poker are of course much more varied, easier to recognize and can also include things like appearance, style of dress or the way you speak. Live casinos are of course immune to technology problems such as PC or Internet malfunctions. Thus, both game variants have their advantages and disadvantages. Each player has to decide for himself what he prefers. But offline play does not exclude online play, and vice versa. It is best for every player to alternate between playing live and online poker.

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